DAY17–21 intern in Deutschland : Presentation and Big change

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4 min readJun 28, 2017

My first 3D printing model is finished and here it is.

Top lid model

Size is fit like I measured but position of button is quite inexact. So, I can’t bear to see the second part of prototype; the bottom lid! But we have to wait for available printer because this period has many people come to Fablab and use them. (Here we have 2 of 3D printers)

Our 2 Busy and tired 3D-printer (haha)

Finally I got chance to print the second part. Then we put Calliope inside set up battery and strap. So, Here is first 3D printed Calliope case in the world! (because no one do this but me lol)

Prototype of Calliope case

Do you remember programming home automation device or service without coding which I told you on DAY4 blog? If not, remind here

He shown us his project again. But look more usable because the physical object which user need to put them around have special shape to make them understand easily. Now his project has good result by operation part and User interface part. Congrats!

Presentation is coming

Along 2 weeks that we have not present our game in lab-meeting(but more than 10 times present to people that visit Fablab haha). This time is important presentation for us. We prepared presentation slide, our game and all Calliope(battery, LED, radio signal, USB port); everything alright and AWESOME!

But while we are presenting 1 Calliope broken, its LED is shut. At the same time our game cannot load scene to play. Everything is down and we do not why. Above all, this happen among presentation . . .

We tried to do our best till the end of presentation and ask for comment or opinion in meeting room about our project. They said ours it good but maybe quite not exact target which they want us to do.

This meeting made I realize that the real topic and target is to make kids want to programming, motivate and encourage them to code.

But at least they said our game will motivated kids to see possibility of code and maybe they want to code their own game.

Big change with Big start

After that we have brainstorming to create new topic. Everybody agreed to do something like interactive programming lesson for kids on web platform. So, next we have to research about how to develop them, what software or language is proper. We found main 2 ways; first is using Javascript. There is library that we can use which is Interactjs and Blockly.

I have try to learn and apply them but it quite hard. But I found that both of them support drag-and-drop gesture on website. Blockly also has block programming but hard to edit, their code is very complicate.

Second choice is continue using Unity because right now everyone is
familiar with Unity from recent project.

Then we used rest of the day to split content to each lesson and separate tasks to assign everyone.

I selected to graphic part because I think I am the most expert in creating graphic components(another reason is no one want to this part)and I will do fastest as I can to get back to helps the others because I am also want to do programming part! coding in C# is very fun and exciting.

5 lesson at beginning and separate tasks to everyone

So, Next approach is to develop interactive programming lesson for kids on web platform by using Unity game engine!



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