DAY6 intern in Deutschland : Drones!

Today we went to see Drone project. In Drone lab they are building some cool stuff like Drone and cars that control by using acceleration and tending of smartphone. This room has a space for let drone fly! They spread out the net to protect drone crash things and pad floor, pillar and wall with EVA foam to protect itself.

After they demonstrated us how to control, we found that drone and cars have delay of command, very sensitive and sometime it doesn’t work then crashed….

They explained how it goes; Signal between smartphone in our hands(Emit signal) and smartphone on drone(receiver), To illustrated; I tended phone to the left at first second and I doesn’t see any change with drone’s direction then I tended more angle to the left and now drone went to left side but too much and at last it crashed. It happen because signal that I sent at first second wasn’t receive by receiver and when it came it came double! So that made mistake in controlling.

We talked more about the goal of this project; they want to make autonomous drone in space! if we have drone that can drive itself no human to control, exploring the space will easier. They working on space project to find part of spaceship autonomously. So, we need image processing to find same pattern of spaceship part.

Moreover, in space there is other factor which is temperature. To find something in space; Temperature is useful it help in identifying and detecting things.

Diet & Skincare enthusiast / Fitness Nutrition Specialist FIT Thailand #AiFitLog / Developer

Diet & Skincare enthusiast / Fitness Nutrition Specialist FIT Thailand #AiFitLog / Developer