DAY2 intern in Deutschland : Communication

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2 min readJun 10, 2017

Today we came to laboratory earlier, Michael let us sat and used the table freely. And we did not forget to bring our universal plug and extension cord sets.

Glasses for the blind

After we setting up our area, we met “Devi” : He is working on project to help blind people by wearing his glasses. His glasses contains vibrator which vibrate to notice owner that have obstacles. To detect obstacle he used ultrasonic module to emit and receive waves, with this we can calculation distance between owner and obstacle but it have limitation ultrasonic can detect obstacles only within 4 meters. In my opinion, to notice blind people sound via earphone or headphone maybe much better than vibrate on their face, But vibration is easier to understand and more critical.

(Sorry I forgot to take a photo of Devi’s project)

Communicate to the others

We are keep on exploring Calliope’s functions. We are focus on the communication between Calliope-Calliope, Calliope-Microbit, Calliope-Laptop, Calliope-Cellphone via wired and wireless.

That is to say, we found 3 ways to communicate: Radio signal, Bluetooth and Serial port.

We want to expand possibility of Calliope project, So we should start with Serial port which make us can read or write data to/from Calliope and so on, you can do anything with data in laptop with much more powerful that micro-controller.

There is tutorials on Microbit’s website, but it work on Calliope also.

After you plug board with laptop via USB wire, we need to know which port is board connected with, You can see it in Device Manager. Keep looking for Calliope port in sub-menu named Ports, you will found something like COM# it depends.

Next, On Windows you need to install program named PuTTY, it is an SSH like terminal! it will help us to read data from board by serial port.

After setting up PuTTY and programming Calliope, it effective! The result is if we do nothing Calliope write 0 to serial port continuously, but if press A button it will write 1 instread.

Device manager / PuTTY (COM7) / Block programming write 0, press A button write 1

Next we tried to measure something from sensors and write serial. I selected to use accelerator to measure how I tend the board in X,Y,Z axis as you can see in below picture.

Device manager / PuTTY (COM7) / Block programming measuring X,Y,Z axis



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