DAY17–21 intern in Deutschland : Presentation and Big change

Top lid model
Our 2 Busy and tired 3D-printer (haha)
Prototype of Calliope case

Presentation is coming

Along 2 weeks that we have not present our game in lab-meeting(but more than 10 times present to people that visit Fablab haha). This time is important presentation for us. We prepared presentation slide, our game and all Calliope(battery, LED, radio signal, USB port); everything alright and AWESOME!

Big change with Big start

After that we have brainstorming to create new topic. Everybody agreed to do something like interactive programming lesson for kids on web platform. So, next we have to research about how to develop them, what software or language is proper. We found main 2 ways; first is using Javascript. There is library that we can use which is Interactjs and Blockly.

5 lesson at beginning and separate tasks to everyone



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Yanisa H. #AiFitLog

Yanisa H. #AiFitLog


Diet & Skincare enthusiast / Fitness Nutrition Specialist FIT Thailand #AiFitLog / Developer