DAY7–11 intern in Deutschland : Unity and our game

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4 min readJun 18, 2017


Last week we continuously learn about Unity game engine to create our game by get started with this tutorial

It contains foundation of using game engine and C# scripting.

After all of us have some fundamental skills, we separated the tasks to everyone and start to do own task.

For me, I selected to create “Simon says” game. The game will show sequence of color button and player need to memorized it, after the last color blink player should press the button following correct sequence fastest as you can. If it correct, you will get 1 points!

Unity Service make us work together Easier!

Unity Collaborate

The name of it is Unity Collaborate. It is one of service that Unity provided to developer. It similar to other control version software: it can revision, push/pull, discard change and upload assets such as sprite(images that use in game), audio source, etc.

You can upload your whole scene with asset and your collaborator can download it to do something with them easily with 1 or 2 clicks.

If you would like to use or interest in this service; this below link contains information you need.

I found many bug and tried to resolve rest of the week! finally I think it polished enough to play but have no win condition also(I will make it in the next week and it will complete)

The main bug that I struggled in is . . .

  • Waiting — I need to delay the time in function that I wrote but it not easy as I thought. It need to use “yield” function. Here is good example.
  • GUI — The problem which Unity beginner usually found is to deal with arranging Graphic components on display; it’s about Sorting layers, Camera, Canvas and Positioning to make User interface look like we want.
  • Instantiate game object — My game need to create game object while playing; It’s technically called “Instantiate”; This topic is not hard and has function to handle with. There is official link talk about this.

Here is my game look like . . .

Simon says screen

While I develop my game, my friends also do theirs. Now we have 3 games! first is mine. 24 game player need to calculate 4 random number to 24 who is faster and explain acceptable resolution will get 1 point and the random number is not just random, they always have at least 1 resolution. if player can’t figure it out they can give up and see it. Next one is Stop the clock! this game will help kids to have fun in learning to watch the clock, to know the time.

Main menu, 24-game, Stop the clock screen

And my friend created script that read signal from serial port in format of regular string, now every game can play via Calliope! and it is very interesting.



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