DAY12–16 intern in Deutschland : Completed! and Get started with 3D Modeling

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4 min readJun 28, 2017

We polished our game, cleaned bugs and made them to be able for 4 players. And everything is the same as last week everyone carried on their own task as mine too (Simon says)

Here is some display from our games . . .

Home screen
Simon says (4 players) and Quiz math screen
Stop the clock (4 players) and 24-game (4 players) screen

Why did we add more players?

First we think if our game has more player will more exciting that why we decide to has 2 players. After that we curious about how well radio signal can handle? So, we used all of our Calliope to play the game to see their ability but the result not much good. There some limitation with Calliope

  • Collision of The Radio Wave
  • Delay In Serial port
  • Slow Gesture Detection
  • Buttons Sometimes Malfunction
  • Only 16KB RAM

Make it wearable

Next step we designed prototype case for Calliope. In order to portability and suitability for kid’s movement, we decided to design it like a watch or wristband.

The case contains 2 pieces of 3D printing model. Top lid has 1 big illuminated button,4 color buttons and hole to show grid and RGB LED from beneath. Then we used magic tape stick at bottom surface for firm wrist-strapping.

Prototype design

3D Modeling

This is my first time to learn about 3D modeling. I have tried with Blender first because I have heard this one for long time but never try. If you are beginner too, this tutorial is really helpful (Sorry but is in Thai)

So, If you would like to learn about modeling, you could watch for 7 parts. After that is about painting and add skeleton to animation.

This is my first try result

Blender first time result (Skunk or Squirrel not sure haha)

Back to task, Michael recommended us to use BlocksCAD. It is tool to 3D modeling on web platform and it easy to use because designed for kids but takes time to do.

BlocksCAD use simple operation like Rotation, Scaling, Translation and some knowledge about mathematics such as XYZ axis. It means every object must be calculated to fit in their proper position. Really takes time…..but good result! you can see below here.

BlocksCAD screen while modeling prototype

Preparing for 3D Printer

Next step after we have 3D model is Slicing model into layer for 3D printer which inject filament follow each layers. But we don’t have to so by ourselves, we used Cura. Cura is software which slice 3D model and prepare for printer; we also have to select type of material, size of nozzle, density of infill here.

Top and bottom lid in Cura

Let’s print it out!

To print it out, we need to use SD card bring file from Cura and put it to card reader space at printer. Selected file name and choose print command BUT before you can print, you should prepare build plate first by spread glue around for protecting build plate surface from hot filament that come out of high-heat nozzle.

Preparing build plate

I left printer do its job because it takes 2–3 hours for printing whole piece. This is Friday, we need to see the result on Monday. I will waiting for it! and that is all for rest of the week.



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